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FAQ • Frequently asked questions

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What exactly is the Sesame Guide?


The Sesame Guide is a guide that lists quality gourmet addresses (restaurants, food shops, wine shops, etc.) based on objective criteria and on regional and national labels and brands. The aim is to highlight artisans, restaurateurs, producers and local traders who work in their own way and respect the standards and commitments of their trades. Our regional teams survey the terrain to (try to) not miss anything!
What we are not: a gastronomic guide that notes and rewards: as the Roman proverb says: “Tastes and colors are not discussed.” And for good reason, depending on the moment, mood, personal taste etc... the same address will be perceived completely differently by the customer. Our recommendation: once you have made sure that the place you are going to is maintained by passionate professionals, working according to healthy and ethical principles, make up your own mind!

In which region are you present?


We are present in 3 regions: Pays d'Aix and South Luberon (departments of Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse), in Touraine — Loire Valley (department of Indre-et-Loire) and in the West Var.
We are looking for passionate people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in other cities and regions to why not help us explore other regions. If you feel like it, Let's talk !

Where can I get the Sesame Guide?


The Sesame Guide is distributed free of charge to partners present and referenced in each region, in tourist offices and in multiple local locations. However, despite a significant circulation (more than 70,000 guides per year in all regions) the success is such that we quickly run out of them. So we advise you to book it in advance and to do it yourself Deliver to home by post in a secure envelope: you will only pay the postage and packing costs. ☺

How are the addresses listed selected?


An entire section is dedicated to explaining it to you, See you here!

I am a trader, artisan, producer, restaurant owner, etc. and I want to be listed, what do I do?


Sorry, maybe you missed us. Contact us and we will study your application together.

How is the Sesame Guide financed?


As you know, the Sesame guide is tendered.
So this perfectly legitimate question can be asked: How can such a beautiful product, so high-quality and printed in large quantities be free?
Like almost all free paper supports, through a financial contribution in exchange for locations in the guide.

We distinguish between two types of locations:
Preferred communication spaces for our partners
Advertising spaces (classic)

On average, here is the composition of a Sesame guide:

Infographic on the composition of the inside of the guide

• 18% : the drafting. This is the summary, the cover pages, and the bear. But also and especially articles written by our teams.

20% : the Sesame directory (in other words, the core of the Sesame Guide) is not the subject of any financial transaction. It is the result of objective and selfless work, whose sole aim is to offer you the best gourmet addresses in the region.

55% : the Sesame partners. They are the ones who make life for 90% our guides. These addresses come from 100% from our Sésame directory and in fact respect our address selection charter. Occasionally or regularly, these addresses choose to highlight themselves in our selection with sheets combining text and photos that we create for them. Enough to make you want to go there!

7% : the advertising spaces. These represent the 10% remaining funding for our publishing houses. Their activity is mostly local and linked to recurring themes of gastronomy, culture and land.

This editorial line has been our spearhead since the first guide was created in 2010. In each new edition, it contributes to achieving the mission that is dear to us, namely: accessibility of the product (Gratuity and quantity), objectivity of its content, the pleasure To read it and to the uncovering And, of course, her viability.

Building on 12 years of existence and the development of our model in three very different regions, the numerous comments from our readers and partners attest that the Sesame guide respects (or even exceeds!) the expectations of an epicurean, active and educated readership. This requires us to remain vigilant about the content and form of our guides and to always try to improve ourselves. Happy reading!

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